Heart Echoes is an offering for everyone on the path of love, harmony and beauty as articulated by the Sufi mystic, teacher and musician Hazrat Inayat-Khan (1882-1927).
It is sharing a moment beyond time and place, a journey into the mystic heart of the Beloved.
You are warmly invited to listen to these homemade recordings which explore the spiritual legacy of Hazrat Inayat-Khan through his own words and the memories of those devoted to him which continue to spread the Sufi Message far and wide.

All are welcome to partake of this heartfelt celebration of remembrance and gratitude.

This project would not be possible without the graciousness of all those
both seen and unseen who have blessed me by their guidance, kinship and love.

Thank you for not posting the recordings found herein Online without permission.
This not-for-profit site is a labor of love as creative expression of and devotion to the Message.

 (top) Photo-portrait of HIK with kind permission from The Inayati Order.
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