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HIK: Hazrat Inayat-Khan

Select Terms
Murshid: term for spiritual master
Fazal Manzil (or "House of Blessing"): HIK's family home and
center of Sufi activities located in Suresnes, France

Hazrat Inayat-Khan


Description: The essential opening prayer. [0'51]
(includes music excerpt: “Allahu Akbar performed by HIK)

Description: The essential closing prayer. [1'23]
(includes excerpt from: “Allahu Akbar performed by HIK)


The Bogeyman
Description: Excerpts from HIK's 1925 play, The Bogeyman.
[Part 1: 8'45 / Part 2: 3'40] / Part 3: 5'12]

SourceThe Complete Works 1925 I (January 1925 - May 24) by Hazrat Inayat-Khan
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Radio Messages
Note: The following selections are re-creations of radio announcements
made by HIK during his time in the West.

From New York City (December 25, 1925)
Description: HIK speaks on the realization of Divine wisdom
through the unification of East and West. [8'30]
(includes music box versions of excerpts from:
O Tannenbaumand "What Child is This?")
SourceThe Complete Works 1926 I (December 1925 - March 1926) by Hazrat Inayat-Khan

From Detroit (February 1, 1926)
Description: HIK speaks on the ultimate purpose of the soul. [5'18]
(includes music excerpts from: “I Wanna Be Loved by You
performed by Helen Kane and "Me and the Man in the Moon" performed by The Ambassadors)
SourceThe Complete Works 1926 I (December 1925 - March 1926) by Hazrat Inayat-Khan

From San Francisco (March 27, 1926)
Description: HIK speaks on the need of religious unification. [9'21]
(includes music excerpts from: “Has Anybody Seen My Gal
performed by The Golden Gate Orchestra and "Hold Me")
SourceThe Complete Works 1926 II (March - May) by Hazrat Inayat-Khan


Theo van Horn
Description: A Dutch follower of HIK shares encounters with him at Fazal Manzil in Suresnes over several years until the latter's passing in 1927. [Part 1: 6'23 / Part 2: 5'41]
SourceRecollections of Inayat Khan and Western Sufism by Theo van Horn
Part 1
Part 2

Sophia Saintsbury-Green
Description: A follower of HIK describes being with him in London shortly after WWI. [4'32]
SourceImages of Inayat by Sophia Saintsbury-Green

Musharaff Moulamia Khan
Description: HIK's younger brother observes him during early-morning prayers. [1'40]
SourcePages in the Life of a Sufi by Musharaff Moulamia Khan 

Gabriele D'Annunzio
Description: The celebrated Italian writer encounters HIK at a Parisian party. [5'15]
Source: Hazrat Inayat-Khan: Master of Life, Modern Sufi Mystic by Wil van Beek
(text excerpt from Notturno by Gabriele D'Annunzio,

music excerpt: "Surat Mullar" performed by HIK)

Sirkar van Stolk
Description: This Dutch follower describes HIK's inspirational presence. [Clip 1: 1'44 / Clip 2: 4'54]
Source: Memories of a Sufi Sage, Hazrat Inayat Khan by Sirkar van Stolk
Clip 1
Clip 2

Hidayat Inayat-Khan
Description: HIK's youngest son comments on his father's majestic being. [1'40]
Source: Once Upon a Time…: Early Days Stories About
My Beloved Father and Mother
by Hidayat Inayat- Khan 

Miss Kismet Stam
Description: HIK's personal secretary describes the aftermath of his passing in India. [2'11]
Source: Rays by Kismet Dorothea Stam 

Vignettes & Fragments

"Song Polyglot Makes Row On Ship"

Description: A 1923 newspaper report on an episode involving HIK
during a transatlantic ship crossing. [1'15]
Source: Syracuse Journal (February 27, 1923)  

Musharaff Moulamia Khan
Description: In this fragment, Musharaff Moulamia Khan
describes visiting HIK's tomb in India. ['50]
SourcePages in the Life of a Sufi by Musharaff Moulamia Khan 

Tanpura drones with kind permission from Daniel Nodari and Bala Subramanian.
Photo-portrait of HIK with kind permission from The Inayati Order.